Infusion center in St. Petersburg, Florida

At St. Petersburg General Hospital, we provide our St. Pete and Tampa Bay communities with high-quality and affordable infusion therapy services. Our infusion center offers a variety of infusion therapies, including chemotherapy for cancer treatment.

For more information on our infusion therapy services, please call us at (727) 341-4828.

Patient-centered infusion therapy

We know that receiving medical treatment through infusion therapy can be stressful.

We strive to make our patients' experiences with us as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Some of the amenities and highlights of our infusion therapy program include:

  • Cost-effective management of therapies
  • Clinical pharmacists, available 24/7
  • Excellent reputation in the community and with home health agencies
  • Extensively managed care experience
  • Hospital-based infusion pharmacy
  • Patient education and counseling
  • Properly dosed medication
  • Timely deliveries

Infusion therapy services

To meet our patients' unique treatment needs, we offer the following infusion therapy services:

  • Antibiotic medication
  • Chemotherapy
  • Enteral nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Pain management
  • Total parenteral nutrition (TPN)
  • Additional specialized therapies


Chemotherapy is a drug therapy used in cancer treatment. Our chemotherapy services are administered by nurses who are certified in chemotherapy/biotherapy by the Oncology Nursing Society. Additionally, our hospital is designated a Community Cancer Program by the American College of Surgeons' Commission on Cancer.

Enteral feeding

We offer enteral feeding, sometimes referred to as tube feeding, to provide patients with the nutrients they need when they cannot eat food themselves. With enteral feeding, nutrients are delivered directly to the stomach or small intestine.

Total parenteral nutrition

We also offer total parenteral nutrition (TPN), which provides nutrients to patients intravenously. We carefully calculate TPN formulations and monitor patients throughout the process.

Certified infusion therapy

As a Medicare-certified infusion therapy provider, we have passed an inspection from the state government agency. Also, most of our infusion services are covered by Medicare, including parenteral and enteral nutrition, pain management and certain specialized services.

Home infusion therapy

We offer home infusion therapy services, which can provide patients with many benefits, such as:

  • Continuity of care
  • Control of costs
  • Hospital-based resources
  • Personalized services and care