St. Petersburg General Hospital
September 04, 2014

St Petersburg, FL - St. Petersburg General Hospital is the first hospital in the Tampa Bay area to offer Firefly and Stapler technologies for colorectal surgeries as part of robotic assisted surgical procedures. The hospital utilizes the most advanced robotic technologies to enhance surgical capabilities that serve as an alternative to many traditional, open surgeries and conventional laparoscopic procedures.

Matthew Couch, MD, was able to transect the colon with the stapler and assess bowel perfusion with Firefly, allowing the extraction site to be smaller and at a location of his choosing, along with ensuring healthy tissue with Firefly for his reanastomosis (the reuniting by surgery of a divided vessel) .

The Firefly process involves the injection of a fluorescent dye that helps surgeons observe tissue even more clearly, allowing them to identify healthy, viable tissue and further improve surgical precision. The stapler is the first stapler technology in the world that allows full surgeon autonomy during a robotically assisted procedure to access critical anatomy and ensure appropriate tissue closure.

Surgeons are able to perform delicate and complex operations through tiny incisions with breakthrough vision, precision, dexterity and control. This type of minimally invasive surgery commonly reduces a patient’s blood loss, pain and recovery time.

St. Petersburg General Hospital has accumulated many robotic “firsts” in the Tampa Bay area community and continues to be the leader in exemplary robotic assisted surgery. For more information regarding this cutting edge technology, please visit our website at