St Petersburg, FL - St Petersburg General Hospital honored three deserving people on April 30, 2014, Volunteer Terry Budniak, employee Gigi Laursen, RN, and physician David A. LeVine, MD received the highest award given by HCA, the 2014 Frist Humanitarian Award. The annual awards were given out at a hospital-wide presentation. The Frist Humanitarian Award was created in 1971 to honor outstanding individuals for their humanitarian and volunteer activities. Named in honor of Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Sr. (1910 - 1998), a founder of HCA, this award recognizes individuals who serve the community and those in need and whose daily dedication and care giving epitomize the highest standards of quality and personal commitment.

The volunteer award recognizes a volunteer who gives unselfishly to patients within our facilities and people in the community. The employee award recognizes an employee who goes beyond day-to-day responsibilities in his/her overall service to the community. The physician award honors a physician who displays a concern for the well-being of others beyond his/her day-to-day clinical responsibilities.

Terry Budniak, Volunteer Frist Humanitarian Award Recipient

Terri Budniak and Robert B. Conroy, Jr.

Terry Budniak has been an exceptional part of the St. Petersburg General Hospital Auxiliary for the past three years. She has volunteered over 700 hours of service to us. Budniak has a positive and caring attitude and encourages others to do the same. She is always willing to assist where needed, with a kind smile and a helping hand. Budniak also sits with patients and provides them with comfort and support.

Her volunteering does not end here at St Petersburg General Hospital; Budniak gives back to her community through her volunteer work at Holy Cross Church Parrish as well. Every week she volunteers performing clerical tasks and assisting wherever help is needed. She also serves as Eucharistic Minister weekly at masses, taking the Eucharist to those parishioners that are homebound. Regular visits to the residences at Lexington twice a month are common as she assists those who need help with transportation for shopping or attending mass. Budniak belongs to various women's groups and her most recent event was the "March for Life" in St. Augustine, FL. She has also performed "Smile Ministry" at Jacaranda Manor, a local skilled nursing facility. Her women's club held a Christmas event there, and she was "Angel Wing the Clown", bringing sunshine and happiness to all residents. It is a pleasure to work with her, and St Petersburg General Hospital considers her an integral part of the team.

(L-R) Terri Budniak and Robert B. Conroy, Jr., CEO

Gigi Laursen RN, BSN, MSN, CCRN, NE-BC ICU Director, Employee Frist Humanitarian Award Recipient

Gigi Laursen and Robert B. Conroy, Jr.

Gigi Laursen has been with St. Petersburg General Hospital since 1985. She is an inspiring person who takes the mission and vision of St. Petersburg General Hospital to heart. Laursen is highly focused on the patient experience and the well-being of her staff and patients alike. Her community involvement is deeply rooted with her church, Park Place Wesleyan. She is a member of the church choir and a Sunday school teacher.

Laursen is involved with Habitat for Missionaries, which purchases houses in the local community, renovates them with volunteer labor, and "flips" the homes. The profits from these home sales are used to support missionaries around the world. Every summer she volunteers for a week at a local youth camp where she is a camp nurse.

Laursen is the coordinator for a state-wide women's service group, which raises money for victims of domestic violence at local shelters. She also volunteers with the American Cancer Society and has been the St. Petersburg General Hospital Team Captain for the Relay for Life event for many years. Laursen exemplifies our hospital core values of dignity, respect, honesty, fairness, loyalty, integrity, compassion and kindness. It is a pleasure to know and work with her.

(L-R) Gigi Laursen and Robert B. Conroy, Jr., CEO

David A. LeVine, MD, Physician Frist Humanitarian Award Recipient

David LeVine, MD and Robert B. Conroy, Jr.

David A. LeVine, MD has been with St. Petersburg General Hospital since 1990. He graduated medical school from the University of Miami School Of Medicine in 1986. Dr. LeVine consistently exhibits the qualities of caring and kindness both for his patients and the community.

For approximately 15 years, he has volunteered at the St. Petersburg Free Clinic and for 6 years he volunteered as a Camp Physician at Ramah Darom summer camp in Georgia. Dr. LeVine is involved with his Synagogue Congregation, B'nai Israel in Clearwater, FL. For the past 12 years, on the Sabbath and holidays, he has provided religious services at Menorah Manor, a 180 bed Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facility.

Dr. LeVine has held folk dancing classes for the community to perform for the nursing home residents every Sunday night for the past 25 years. He has provided multiple continuing Education sessions for Physicians, Residents, Nursing Staff and the community. For the past 6 years, Dr. Levine has served as the Ethics Committee Chairman at both St. Petersburg General Hospital and Northside Hospitals. He currently serves on the Executive Board at both hospitals as well. Dr. LeVine also volunteers each year teaching Greek mythology to 4th and 5th graders at local community schools.

He has volunteered to serve as Physician Patient Experience officer to improve quality care and patient experience at St. Petersburg General Hospitals. Dr. LeVine is a faculty teacher for the St. Petersburg General Hospital Residency Program. He is a caring and compassionate physician, who also spends quality time teaching our medical students. St Petersburg General Hospital is proud to have him on staff. The hospital and our community are better places because of him.

(L-R) David LeVine, MD and Robert B. Conroy, Jr. CEO