Women's Services

Selecting your child's birthplace is one of the most important decisions you will make as parents. Here at St. Petersburg General Hospital, expectant parents can place their confidence in our select team of medical professionals. Years of planning and design are reflected in our innovative family-centered childbirth programs.

General Information

  • All staff nurses are required to participate in lactation education.
  • All staff nurses are required to maintain Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) certification
  • State-of-the art infant security system
  • Complimentary birth certificate with infant's footprints
  • Photo service through "Our 365 Share More." The pictures are digital and can be viewed immediately for optimum selection. View photos here.

Download Pre-Admission Form (PDF - 80 KB)


Our mothers-to-be are pampered in beautiful new birthing rooms and postpartum rooms, where Dad is a welcome partner. Babies are welcome to room-in, and new families bond in comfort and privacy while cared for by an attentive nursing staff - from first moment of life to fond farewell.

Labor & Delivery Services

  • Nursing support for your choice of birth options
  • Secured unit for the safety of our patients and their babies
  • LDR's for laboring, delivery, and high risk antepartum patients
  • Fetal monitoring with centralized viewing at nurses' station
  • Birthing beds
  • Cesarean section/delivery rooms

Newborn Nursery

Our staff's primary responsibility is to care for your baby, and provide you with basic knowledge to enable you to care for your newborn.

  • Admission nursery for initial assessment of newborn
  • Family centered care allows baby to stay with mom as much as she desires

Prenatal Classes

St. Petersburg General Hospital has elected to provide comprehensive prenatal education classes to meet your busy lifestyle. Classes are taught on-site by Women's Services staff nurses. Please call (888) 741-5122 to register.

  • Prepared Childbirth
  • Childbirth Crash Course
  • Newborn Care
  • Preparing for Breastfeeding
  • Infant CPR

Tender Loving Care: The Midwife Experience

St Petersburg General Hospital offers certified nurse midwives (CNM), who provide prenatal, postpartum, normal newborn care and routine gynecological care.  They help women during labor and delivery, but they apply their philosophy of care in all settings and with women across their entire life.  These Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ARNP) have graduated from advanced programs and have passed a national certification examination, meeting strict requirements set by the state of Florida.

Throughout a woman's life, nurse-midwives teach and answer questions about proper diets, personal hygiene, exercise, sleep and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  They provide pre-conception counseling, family planning services, gynecological care, annual pelvic and breast examinations, Pap tests and screening and treatment for infections.

  • During pregnancy, the nurse-midwife regularly monitors the health of you and your baby
  • During labor, the nurse-midwife evaluates your progress and is there to offer emotional support.  You can expect your nurse-midwife to listen to your needs and to involve your family to the fullest extent possible
  • Follow-up care begins immediately after birth, as the nurse-midwife examines the newborn, provides advice on breast feeding and infant care and ensures that the woman maintains her health after childbirth
  • All nurse-midwives consult with physicians if there is a problem that may put a woman at risk
  • Prescriptions for medications and vitamins can be written by nurse-midwives
  • Nurse-midwifery is covered by private insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid and many managed care programs. 

Nurse-midwives offer women special skills and an understanding of their unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  Nurse-midwifery care focuses on maintaining health and encouraging women to make informed decisions about their health care.  Nurse-midwives welcome your questions and take time to listen to you and talk with you.  Studies have shown that women who are cared for by a nurse-midwife can expect the same level of safety as they can from a physician.