Breast Care

Our Team

Personalized, Passionate Care(L-R): Maureen Barone,RT(R)(M), Lois Nickel-Ward,RT(R)(M), Dana Krueger,RT

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality, state-of-the-art breast imaging; including screening and diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasound and minimally invasive breast biopsies for the detection of early breast cancer. These studies are performed in a patient friendly environment with personalized care.

Mammography and ultrasound exams at The Breast Center are provided by a team of registered technologists. In addition to their professional knowledge and experience, they are sensitive to women’s concerns and have been specially trained in guest relations.

Medical Director & Physicians

If diagnostic imaging shows a need for a biopsy, we will assist you in making an appointment with a surgeon affiliated with St. Petersburg General Hospital. These surgeons have committed to seeing our patients promptly after receiving an appointment request.

Interpreting Radiologists