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September 18, 2007

American Red Cross and HCA Hospitals Sponsor Vial Of Life Program In South Pinellas County

The American Red Cross Tampa Bay Chapter and the Pinellas HCA facilities, Largo Medical Center, Northside Hospital, Edward White Hospital and St. Petersburg General Hospital, have formed a working partnership to expand the Vial of Life program to residents in South Pinellas County.

The Vial of Life program provides a way to make personal medical information and history available, in a standardized location in the home, so that it is readily accessible to first responders, such as EMS.

The “Vial” in the Vial of Life program is a prescription-like bottle containing a form with vital information about the resident, including medical history, allergies, medications, physician and family contact, insurance details, and other critical information.

The vial is placed inside the home’s refrigerator, taped to the top front right side shelf of the appliance. On the exterior of the refrigerator, a round red adhesive sticker is placed on the upper left hand corner, which alerts first responders that the “Vial of Life” is inside.

First responders use the information to guide their initial treatment during the critical first minutes of providing care. The availability of the information during an emergency at home can make a difference in saving a life.

South Pinellas County residents can obtain a “Vial of Life” at no charge by contacting the Red Cross St. Petersburg Branch office at (727) 898-3111. Every resident of a home or apartment can have a “Vial of Life.”

“The HCA facilities in Pinellas County are proud to be a sponsor of this important program in our community,” said Roland Metivier, President and CEO of Edward White Hospital. “Our hospitals are committed to improving the health and wellness of the residents we serve, and the Vial of Life program helps us to carry out our mission.”


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